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Summary of Fish Sampling for the Lower Fox River Land Conservation Planning Project
Read the report prepared by IDNR Office of Resources Conservation, Division of Fisheries Region II, Streams Program
New Lower Fox River Land Conservation Planning - Conservation Opportunity Area (COA)
The Conservation Foundation is coordindating a new project in the Fox River watershed.

This voluntary planning project will concentrate on land areas along the Lower Fox River (LFR), its tributaries and the LFR Conservation Opportunity Area (COA), an area identified as having important conservation value in the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan. A strategic land conservation plan will be developed by a diverse group of local stakeholders in Kendall and LaSalle County, including private landowners, local municipalities, counties, agencies, and other groups to help them determine their priorities regarding natural resource protection. It may also enable some to qualify for potential funding by complying with the local and state plan.

What is the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan (IL-WAP)?  Each state is to develop a comprehensive wildlife conservation plan as a part of federal funding. These plans, developed with cooperation from conservation partners and input from the public, will set a course for stewardship of all wildlife species, with special attention given to species in greatest need of conservation. More details about the Illinois Wildlife Action Plan can be found HERE and HERE.

How is this project being funded?   The Lower Fox River planning process is funded through a grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation to The Conservation Foundation.

CLICK HERE to read the FAQs about the project.

CLICK HERE for the Final Report on the project

CLICK HERE for a brochure about the Lower Fox River Voluntary Land Conservation Planning project

The Conservation Foundation contacts for this project are:
Dan Lobbes, Director of Land Preservation and John Church, Project Manager     Ph. 630-553-0687 x304
A Citizen's Guide to Preserving the Fox River
in Illinois