How You Can Help 
This website is dedicated to educating the citizens of the Fox River Watershed
On this page you will find a number of ways to care for and help improve the Fox River and its ecosystem
Please visit often, as we will continue to add information
Help at Home
Green Construction
Green Construction Practices & LEED Buildings
Gardening & Landscaping
Green Roofs
Lawn Care
Native Landscaping
  and The Conservation Foundation's Conservation @ Home program
River/Waterfront Property Care
Recycling & Waste Disposal
Septic Tank Care
Waste Disposal
Resource-Saving Ideas
Electricity & Energy Star Appliances
Natural Gas
Water IN the Home
   also see Water Conservation below for outside water
Water Conservation
Rain Barrels
Rain Gardens
Rainwater Harvesting

Help in your Community
Volunteer, join an organization, use green practices at your school, church, office or business.

There are many ways you can help make sure
your community is contributing
to the health of our Fox River ecosystem!
Community Ideas
Environmental Groups
Events & Programs of Interest
Green Construction Practices & LEED Buildings
Preserving Land and Open Space
Volunteer Opportunities
What interesting things are communities
in the watershed doing?
Links to other Green Resources
CNT - Center for Neighborhood Technology
Chasing Green
Green Earth Institute
Solar Tribune - Guide to Home Solar Panels
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A Citizen's Guide to Preserving the Fox River
in Illinois