Septic Tank Care
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A Homeowner's Guide to Septic Tank Care -- EPA pdf file
Septic Tank Care -
Thousands of homes in the Fox River watershed are on private septic tank systems, rather than municipal sewage services. If septic tanks are not properly maintained, they not only cause problems for the homeowners, but can contaminate groundwater and streams.
If you are on a septic system, your are helping to preserve the Fox River and its watershed by maintaining your system and not creating an environmental hazard and public health risk.
Top Four Things You Can Do to Protect Your Septic System
1. Regularly inspect your system and pump your tank as necessary.
2. Use water efficiently.
3. Don’t dispose of household hazardous wastes in sinks or toilets.
4. Care for your drainfield.
Your county health department does the inspections of septic systems and can provide information.
Fox Watershed County Health Departments:

Cook County Health Department
DeKalb County Health Department
DuPage County Health Department
Kane County Health Department
Kendall County Health Department
Lake County Health Department
LaSalle County Health Department
McHenry County Health Department

Septic Tank Diagram
A Citizen's Guide to Preserving the Fox River
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