Volunteer Opportunities 
Fox River Cleanup
Types of Volunteer Activities:
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Land Restoration
  Volunteer with a land trust  
  If you belong to a Home Owners
  Association, get more involved
  in care of shared land 
River & Stream Clean Ups
  Friends of the Fox River
  Organize one for your nearby stream,
  contact your city or park district
  for advice and assistance 
River Monitoring
  Friends of the Fox River 
  Sierra Club Water Sentinels
Seed Harvesting
  Fermilab Prairie Project 
  West Chicago Prairie
   Stewardship Group
Storm Drain Stenciling
  The Conservation Foundation 
Tree & Seedling Planting
 Check with your forest preserve
, park district, or community
 for volunteer opportunities 
One of the best ways to help preserve the Fox River and its watershed is to join in volunteer efforts that are organized by area groups and communities.
Here are some suggestions for finding volunteer opportunities:
• Visit our Environmental Groups page to find a variety of organizations in which you can become involved. Many hold clean up and conservation activities.
• Check with your own town or city to find if there are any clean up or conservation activities that use volunteers
• Check with your own park district or local forest preserve district to find if there are any clean up or conservation activities that use volunteers. Visit this page for links to park districts and forest preserve districts in the Fox Watershed
River Monitoring   Fox River Cleanup Trash 
Friends of the Fox River

River Monitoring 
  Some of the trash pulled from the Fox River during Batavians For A Healthy River's Spring '11 Clean Up 
NEVER dump waste down the street sewer drains!

No Dumping 

Volunteer and scout groups have stenciled this warning on storm drains all over the watershed. There are thousands more drains that need to be stenciled!
A Citizen's Guide to Preserving the Fox River
in Illinois