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Cross Section of a Tree
Cross Section of a Tree Detail shot of a tree's trunk © Gabriel Jimenez

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Water Funds Toolbox

Water insecurity is one of the greatest risks to global prosperity. Water funds can provide a solution.


Protecting Water Atlas

The Protecting Water Atlas allows users to explore data and analyses underpinning TNC's Beyond the Source and Water Share reports.


Atlas of Ocean Wealth

This report represents the largest collection of the economic, social and cultural values of coastal and marine habitats globally.


African Great Lakes Atlas

This interactive map pulls landscape data and more from across the region for scientists, decision-makers and others.


Planting Healthy Air

This report quantifies the potential for nature to help clean and cool the air. Explore our findings through this interactive map.


Coastal Resilience

Explore this decision-making tool and assess where to act in risk reduction, adaptation and conservation.


Energy Sprawl Solutions

This interactive tool visualizes trade-offs between CO2 emissions and land use based on the world’s projected energy demand.


Urban Water Blueprint

The Urban Water Blueprint examines the state of water in more than 500 cities around the world.


Resilient Communities

Explore this in-depth guide of over 50 solutions and case studies that can help your community become a naturally resilient one.


Site Wind Right

Site Wind Right identifies areas where wind development is unlikely to encounter wildlife-related conflict and project delays.


Reforestation Hub

This mapping tool shows lower cost and more feasible options for restoring forests in the U.S.


Resilient Lands in U.S.

The Resilient Lands Mapping Tool identifies climate-resilient places and the paths species will take to get there..